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Educational Services


The educational services of Crescere Insieme are based on the notion of 'learning to learn' from the perspective of the child's all-round well-being. We promote paths that allow the development of cognitive elements together with relational and emotional ones, in order to improve knowledge of ourselves and the world around us. Crescere Insieme children are not containers to be filled but lights to be switched on that will remain bright for a lifetime. Co-builders of their knowledge and co-explorers of their emotions. All the educational services, from STEM workshops to bilingualism, from psychomotricity to artistic experimentation, from Yoga to Outdoor Education, are designed to be a trigger for active learning.
Asili nido

Nurseries and kindergartens

We have developed an education project model for early and very early childhood (0-6 years), based entirely on the harmonious development of the child. From a pedagogical point of view, the great framework that encompasses all the principles on which our project is based is that of forming children who are increasingly citizens of the world.


We have long included bilingualism among the fundamentals of the pedagogical approach. Children use articulated sounds and words, to make themselves understood, to ask for things, to fully experience the relationship with the caregiver. This is one of the reasons why even very young children can easily be 'exposed' to different languages.
Laboratorio Stem


Organising the activities and education projects of children aged between 0 and 6 using the STEM approach means implementing a psycho-pedagogical paradigm shift. Children are encouraged to learn and solve problems, searching autonomously for possible solutions. STEM activities aim to strengthen the functions and components of scientific thinking.
outdoor education

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education guides children back to a healthy and balanced lifestyle and to the value of time: time in nature means waiting, the ability to wait, to cherish, it is a time in which the final result is the outcome of work and a slow transition to awareness, exercising reflexive skills such as observation, attention to detail.
laboratori psicomotricità


The aim of this workshop is to create a space and time in which the child feels free to experience the full potential of his/her body movement and the infinite expressive range (gestural, vocal, bodily) available to him/her. In a playful environment, the child can increase self-awareness and become aware of his or her own body.
app Crescere Insieme


Crescere Insieme App is a modern, innovative and simple solution to stay up-to-date with your child's nursery (asilo nido). Thanks to this App, it is possible to have a Kindergarten (asilo) Immersive Experience: receive notifications in real time, know what the children have eaten, whether they have rested and what activities they have done.
yoga a scuola

Yoga at school

Yoga for children can be defined as a psychomotor and spiritual activity that, through a playful approach, promotes their harmonious development in a perspective of psycho-physical well-being. Through simple and interactive lessons that progressively increase in complexity and interconnect their physical and mental spheres, children will develop the ability to relax and at the same time concentrate better, discover their bodies and their emotions.
piccole cene

Piccole cene

A 'take away' option for children, a useful service that guarantees a healthy, complete, organic and ready-to-eat meal directly to your home. With "piccole cene", the recipes and the care with which they are prepared can arrive directly at your home: the ideal solution when you return late from a working day or when you arrive exhausted from the hectic pace of the day.


The playroom is a well-equipped space where children can play, express themselves, communicate, engage and socialise with peers and share the games and materials available. Our Playrooms offer a protected and stimulating place for experiences of aggregation and friendship, and the possibility of getting to know and enjoy a wide range of experiences.
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