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Company nursery  0-6 y.o.

Affiliated private company nursery and private/company kindergarten

Via Zanardi, 28/5 – Bologna


Poste Company nursery, for Poste Italiane employees, Bologna

Poste Bimbi is the crèche in Bologna for children 0-3 years old for Poste Italiane employees. The facility features comfortable and versatile indoor and outdoor spaces. Particular importance, within the One for One Pedagogy model, is given to creativity and expressiveness. There are two workshops that are very popular with children and families: The Language of Colour, an activity that aims to provide intense experiences in which the graphic and tactile-sensory components come together and Inside the Plot, a workshop that, through the creation of harmonious and coherent plots, develops the child’s ability to construct a pathway of aesthetic and conceptual meaning.


Outdoor education

In our Outdoor Education projects, the outdoor environment serves as a replacement for the classroom, providing a space where individuals learn from their surroundings: the weather, the sky, the changing seasons, plant growth and renewal, the evolving landscapes, colours, and scents. Nature teaches us to be present, fostering cohesion and cooperation, encouraging interaction between individuals and groups, and promoting collaboration towards a shared goal, all while returning to simplicity.


The purpose of our STEM activities is to enhance the functions and components of scientific thinking and mind-set, establishing intentional links between events. In these workshops, special attention is given to errors, which prove to be very beneficial for children; errors serve a specific functional purpose in the scientific method by eliminating or refining certain hypotheses. STEM workshops play a crucial role in promoting soft skills.

Knowing the stars: Astronomy Lab

A real astronomy workshop for children offers an opportunity to understand the world of “space” in a scientific manner. Participants can study and observe constellations, listen to myths and legends, witness model reconstructions explaining the alternation of day and night, engage with planets, and become acquainted with their features. We chose space as the theme because it is mentioned in ancient legends across all cultures, and because children universally enjoy exploring this vast and mysterious universe, which ignites their dreams and imagination.


Crescere Insieme Light Workshop provides both individual and group experiences of light phenomena. Light amplifies, reveals, conceals, shifts, and although present, it’s insubstantial. This makes it a perfect medium for connecting light phenomena to bodies and movements, offering a challenging yet engaging approach to learning and teaching children.


Our immersive room offers unique learning environments and experiences that inspire wonder and motivation for children. Through sounds, lights, shadows, static and moving images, children are fully immersed in the experience and stimulated at visual, tactile, and auditory levels. They are introduced to a “new world” that feels magical, where everything can be discovered and explored.

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