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School activities


School trips

We have been collaborating with educational institutions since 1993 and offer a variety of activities including workshops in addition to curricular teaching, educational recreational trips, school camps, thematic projects, and theatrical performances. These activities add value to the educational proposals of schools by involving children and teachers in important and creative growth experiences.

Educational field trips and school camps

Educational day trips are important opportunities for supplementary educational activities. Throughout the educational year, we provide children from all kindergartens and primary schools accompanied by their teachers with the opportunity to spend a day of playful education with professional entertainers.

Educational and leisure trips to the sea

Discovering the marine environment for "a sea to love." Children will listen to the sound of the sea, walk along the seashore to touch, play, build, and create together, forming a collective work of shells and stones. Afterwards, they will enjoy a packed lunch under a gazebo before participating in a marine-themed tactile workshop, where they will create a "souvenir" of their day at the sea to take home with them. Finally, there will be an animated tale of a sea legend, followed by relaxation and a snack.

Trip to the farm

Discovering the meaning of living in the countryside: Children will have the opportunity to connect with nature and country life by interacting with farm animals, learning about typical herbs and plants of the countryside, and discovering the main activities that take place on a farm. They will actively participate in activities such as olive harvesting, grape harvesting, and chestnut picking, for example.

Trip to archaeological sites

We encourage children to discover art and the territory by offering guided tours to iconic landmarks such as the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Castel Sant'Angelo, and Baths of Caracalla. These tours provide opportunities to explore the rich artistic, historical, and environmental heritage of the Eternal City.

School Camps

Crescere Insieme offers programs of ecological and naturalistic interest, where art, history, and nature intertwine. Children will have the opportunity to discover ancient civilizations and Italian cultural heritage through historical artistic programs, engaging in role-playing games in wonderful settings.

Drama workshops

The Crescere Insieme drama workshop is intended as an educational and socialising experience, even more so than an artistic one. It is a privileged space for verbal, mimic and gestural expression and communication, in which children use their bodies to express emotions and feelings. This form of expression helps the child to become aware of his or her Ego and how it can be in perfect harmony with the world around him or her.

Technology workshops

The aim of this workshop is to bring all children, even the youngest, closer to the world of science by playing, touching, experimenting... and having fun! Robotics workshops will be proposed for the older children, aimed at building simple games to perfect logic and problem-solving skills; for the younger children, augmented reality will be proposed, with 3D vision of their drawings.

Edutainment Projects

Crescere Insieme emphasizes the pedagogical aspect within Edutainment campaigns, a welfare service designed to promote company values among both employees' families and schools. When these campaigns are implemented in schools, they become part of the school's educational planning. Our goal is to provide children with an educational experience that promotes well-being. Therefore, our offerings are designed in a playful manner, merging educational and training aspects while fostering enjoyment, discovery, and knowledge.
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