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Special events and projects


Thematic Events

Corporate Events represent a huge opportunity for engagement between parents and children, as well as between colleagues and parents, fostering a relaxed environment. These special occasions not only improve the work climate but also allow employees to experience their own family dimension in spaces typically reserved for work activities.

Bimbi in ufficio

The "Bimbi in Ufficio" format that Crescere Insieme puts in place for companies spans from the conception, design and realisation of "tailor-made" events with a view to work-life balance, offering employees important and unique family experiences that aim to improve the well-being of families in the company. Bimbi in Ufficio is a project designed to promote and support important work-life balance opportunities for employees within companies and public bodies. It is an initiative in which the doors of the company are opened to show children the workplace of their parents.

Shows, Musicals, and Events in the theater

In addition to the Bimbi in Ufficio format, Crescere Insieme offers companies and organizations the opportunity to celebrate special occasions by organizing events such as Christmas parties, Carnival parties, or commemorating important milestones. We take care of every detail and tailor the program to meet the specific requirements of each company, creating customized projects.

Edutainment Projects

Crescere Insieme emphasizes the pedagogical aspect within Edutainment campaigns, a welfare service designed to promote company values among both employees' families and schools. When these campaigns are implemented in schools, they become part of the school's educational planning. Our goal is to provide children with an educational experience that promotes well-being. Therefore, our offerings are designed in a playful manner, merging educational and training aspects while fostering enjoyment, discovery, and knowledge.
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