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Summer camps and holidays


Summer Camps

The purpose of our Summer Camps, whether in the city or at the beach, is to provide children with a true holiday experience through fun and educational activities. Each week will feature themed activities in arts, sports, and games, allowing children to embark on an extraordinary adventure. These activities will help develop each child’s potential and encourage them in a constructive and stimulating manner, experiencing challenges as healthy competition.

Summer and Winter holidays

Children aged 8 to 14 will be accommodated in a seaside tourist facility equipped with sports equipment suitable for various activities including tennis, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and swimming. Themed days will be carefully planned, featuring sports tournaments, theatre, music, science, and art workshops. The entertainment staff will engage the guests in a wide range of playful and educational activities, promoting team spirit among the children and channeling their energy into lively and fun yet healthy competition.

Summer camps for Children with special needs

The objective of the summer camps is to enable people with special needs to experience holidays in typical tourist locations, providing personal care and social and emotional support. Interventions and stimulation are focused on the individual in their complexity and entirety. The vacation goals are divided into two categories: short-term goals, such as the successful completion of the summer camp itself, and long-term goals, which encompass the impact of attending the summer camps on the lives of people with special needs afterward.
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