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Support for children with special needs


‘We do not all start from the same point but we all are given the same opportunities’

Crescere Insieme understands inclusive education as empowering all children to access the same quality of educational experience. This is achieved by adopting a flexible model and offering educational experiences that can be modified according to each child’s specific needs. For instance, ensuring the same quality of educational experience for a blind child involves creating an environment where they can move safely, as independently as possible, and stimulating their sensory system. In an inclusive educational model, all children grow up in a multi-perspective context where there are no unique ways to relate and interact with reality. Our approach extends to the children’s families as well, embracing inclusion that accommodates social and cultural diversity, specific difficulties or talents, and special needs.

Creative Workshops

The goal of these workshops is to help children develop independence through opportunities such as socialization, skill acquisition, and educational programs that enhance personal characteristics. The aim of "During Us" is to improve the quality of life for people with special needs by structuring their free time constructively, supporting family members with daily caregiving tasks, and being there for the families.

Summer camps for Children with special needs

The objective of the summer camps is to enable people with special needs to experience holidays in typical tourist locations, providing personal care and social and emotional support. Interventions and stimulation are focused on the individual in their complexity and entirety. The vacation goals are divided into two categories: short-term goals, such as the successful completion of the summer camp itself, and long-term goals, which encompass the impact of attending the summer camps on the lives of people with special needs afterward.
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